Fiat and crypto payments made easy

One app allowing you to save, exchange, transfer fiat or cryptocurrencies and spend them safely at quality merchants.

Find merchants accepting Unbank payments

Whether you fancy a gourmet meal or are looking for a chic boutique hotel, Unbank has you covered.

Enjoy a selection of handpicked high quality venues in your city where you can pay with Unbank.

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Instant transactions and cashback reward

All your transactions either in €,$,£ or cryptocurrencies are instant and funds are immediately available to merchants.

Our network of participating merchants offers cashback rewards from 5% to 50% off on their products or services.

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Exchange fiat or crypto at low cost

As a licensed money changer, Unbank can exchange fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto, instantly, safely and at the best available rate on the market.

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Send Euro, Dollar, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Liberi or Bitcoin easily

Transfer fiat and cryptocurrencies globally, instantly, without limitations and for free.

Peer-to-peer transfer is the most powerful way to transfer funds.

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Unbank Shopping rewards

Get direct discounts or earn cashback rewards up to 50% in Liberi currency (LBI) whenever you shop with Unbank.
LBIs are accepted at any participating merchants.

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Security & Safety

Two-factor authentication is available on the app, protecting your device from others and making sure that only you can access your account.

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