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All merchants accepting Unbank payments make their store discoverable in the app to Unbankers who are looking for places to spend their cryptocurrency


Instant and free transfers 

Users can make free, instant transfers – users hold tokenized balances of both fiat and cryptocurrencies on the Stellar blockchain. Transfers are processed by scanning a simple QR code, or using NFC technology. Virtually unlimited cryptocurrencies are available. However, the currencies accepted for payments at merchants will be dynamically limited depending on their liquidity. Free instant transfers: checking account holders can send or receive any amounts of any cryptocurrencies, instantly and for free.

Low cost money exchange 

Unbank includes an exchange platform, similar to Changely, where users can buy and sell both fiat and cryptocurrencies. They can either do this with their existing balance, or using credit or debit cards. Exchanges are made instantly and at the lowest possible rate.

Cashback & Rewards

Cashback & Rewards 


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